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Stem 8
Instructor: Mrs. Schroedl   
Welcome to 8th Grade STEM!

An amazing and exciting world will open up for 8th graders this year!  Our focus will be on the most cutting edge aspects of technology and engineering.  Every day, new ideas are being applied towards challenges and the ways to address that challenge.  In that vein, students will devise solutions, implement and then test them.
In this class, we will investigate electricity and circuits, and then we will work directly with a microcontroller called an Ardiuno.  These are great tools to understand the digital-analog bridge, and to implement simple programs work with led lights and liquid crystal displays.  8th grades are also lucky enough to learn about flight, airplanes and rockets.  Students will get hands-on experience by building Estes rockets, RC controlled planes and flying a drone as well as learning about both mechanical and electromagnetic waves. 

Ozobots language is color. You can use colors to tell it what to do

You can also program them with a laptop or phone. Using http://ozoblockly.com/editor#uejdwe
If using a laptop you will need to program it in the computer,then load it onto ozobot by tipping the computer so you can set the ozobot on the image to get it loaded with the flashing lights. There are many tutorials, figure it out!!!! I’ld love to see video, you can send me video at 3052804.
See if you can complete the challenge, ask Mrs Kinsle for the print out.
Last week, so much to do!
This week students will need to complete light up projects, and be prepared for a quiz on circuits. Students will be allowed to use notes and notebook for the circuit quiz. Incomplete light up projects will not be able to be taken home and points will be lost. Lunchtime is a good time to get support.
Another short week, students need focus!
This week we are working on student light up projects, as well as calculating the cost of electricity. Student projects are to include 2 or more lights into something. Some project ideas are lighting up stuffed animals, lighting up cars, using solar panels, building miniature houses. We will have another short week, so we are looking at 4 short days to produce! There will be a unit final on the last day of classes.
Light up cards and other projects.
Students will be building light up circuit cards. This skill will help with the next project where students light up something on their own. A favorite has been light up stuffed animals, or motorized cars. Students will also calculate the cost of electricity. This week is quite short, do to 8th grade field trip on Wed.
Up, up and away
Students will be launching Estes rockets this week, weather allowing! We will continue making circuits with the focus on parallel circuits and on off switches. We will learn to solve for resistance, current and voltage and power, as well as learn how to calculate the cost of power.
Most students should be just about done with rockets. NAR's and crosswords that are not complete should be finished at home, additional work on rockets needs to happen over lunch.

As we learn about electricity, we will learn how to make things like battery and size. AC vs DC current, Edison vs. Tesla, how to calculate the cost of electricity, and parallel and series circuits.

Some projects to look forward to in this unit are light up stuffed animals, squishy circuits, light up cards, and DC cars.
Last week to work on rockets
This is the last week to work on estes rockets. Students are reminded to complete NAR and crossword puzzle. Students should be painting and balance testing. Students who complete rockets early will get to start a circuit project building a motorized car.
Rockets, Rockets and more rockets
8th grade STEM Students will continue to build Estes rockets . Students should review the rubric for scoring. Students will need to complete rocket vocabulary crossword puzzle and National Rocketry safety quiz.
Pray for windless days!!!
8th graders are waiting to launch their water rockets, in the meantime we are learning about the metric system and building our Estes rockets.
Rockets, rockets, rockets!
Students are working with the data from their clinoscopes, to calculate the height if their rockets. 8h graders on days will get to launch this week. We are starting on the production of our Estes rockets. Students will need to be careful and precise to make a rocket that flies the highest!.
Estes rockets!
The weather did not cooperate with us last week, so hopefully, we can launch our water rockets this week. With our skills in rocket building as well as trigonometric skills we will be building and launching Estes rockets!
Rockets Launch!
Hopefully, the weather holds up and we can launch some water rockets. Students will learn how to make clinometers to measure the height of their rockets. Students will also learn about the metric systems and measurement with base 10.
This is a short week due to 8th grade field trip and the 3 day weekend!
8th-grade students are starting to build water rockets. We have been investigating the best way to attach fins with finger rockets.
We will also start building our water rockets, using the knowledge from finger rockets. Students will learn how to use trig to determine the height of their rocket.
8th grade students are building skills using dimensional analysis:

parts of a plane!
We will continue our all at the parts of a plane, as well as pitch, roll and yaw. Thanks to wings over the Rockies students have balsa planes to build and experiment with. If we have some nice days we will look at flight of hot air balloons and rockets.
Speed and Parts of a plane
8th grade students will be practicing unit conversion skills needed to solve for speed. We will also look deeper into planes and how they are made and how they fly. Aileron and elevator are the specific focus. Students will be using math skills to calculate speed of the planes around a pole. Students will need to use pi to calculate distance, as well as convert from inches to parts of a foot. This is a fun week with many places to fly!
4 forces of flight
We will start learning about the 4 forces of flight. Lift, thrust, drag, weight. Students will be making hover crafts to investigate drag. We will also learn about Bernoulli's law, that allows for lift. Ask a student to make a ping pong ball hover.
Last week was a great start, even if I could not me present. I am so excited to see so many great ideas in mousetrap cars. I look forward to hearing what you have learned, and how you dealt with frustration.

This week I will lay out my class expectations and we will get in the habit of answering set questions.

We will be finishing the movie October sky, and using that info to help with classroom perseverance!

We will get started in our first unit of electricity! Lets get powered up with flashing lights!

Welcome Back!!!
8th grade STEM. You will be finishing your mousetrap car. You will be testing to see who’s car goes the furthest. You will be testing both front wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. Something to make note of is what way to turn your wheels to wind it properly ( you don’t want to be at the starting line and have your car roll backwards). You will be able to test your cars in the wrestling room. Please help Mrs. Kintzle find her way to that space. This week you will also be watching October Sky. This is a true story about a young man and his perseverance to build and launch a rocket despite his parents.
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